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Infrastructure in the Municipality of Sulęcin

siec wodna

1. Water supply system:
- the length of the system in the municipality – 123.9 km
- the length of service lines - 24.2 km
- the number of service lines - 1481
- the number of households connected to the system - 4323
- the number of water intakes for municipal purposes: the town - 5; the municipality - 14
- the number of water intakes for industrial purposes – 17
- total water consumption for municipal purposes – 494600 m3/year
- water consumption for municipal purposes by individual households – 384600 m3/year

siec kanalizacyjna

2. Sewage disposal system:
- the length of the combined sewage disposal system in Sulęcin - 15.8 km
- the length of the sanitary sewage disposal system in Sulęcin - 64.9 km
- the length of service lines connected to buildings - 10.2 km
- the number of service lines connected to buildings - 533
In the municipality, there is one municipal sewage treatment plant in Sulęcin - a mechanical-biological-chemical plant with an average capacity of 1860m3/day and a maximum capacity of 3420 m3/day, and a sewage treatment plant in Wędrzyn - a mechanical-biological plant with a maximum capacity of 170m3/day.

siec drogowa

3. Road network:
Sulęcin is located 15 km away from the A2 motorway exit in Torzym (access via provincial road no. 138).
The provincial roads network in the municipality covers 43.08 km, comprising roads no. 136, 137, and 138, while the district roads network covers 75.5 km and the municipal roads network covers 156.5 km.

siec gazowa

4. Gas network:
A high pressure gas pipeline runs from the west to the east, through Długoszyn, Sulęcin, Żubrów and Wędrzyn, with a first degree pressure reduction station in Sulęcin, from where gas is distributed all over the municipality through a medium pressure gas pipeline running along the roads, to the south through Ostrów, Tursk, Małuszów and further on to the Municipality of Torzym, to the east to Wędrzyn, and to the west to Długoszyn. EWE energia Sp. z o.o. is the supplier of gas for the Municipality of Sulęcin. In 2005 a medium pressure gas pipeline was laid through Trzebów, Drogomin, Żubrów and Miechów.


5. Telephone network:

Traditional telephone exchanges in the municipality are located in Sulęcin, Trzemeszno and Miechów. The mobile telephone system is also developing dynamically. Interurban conduits for electrical installations run along the existing roads in the municipality.

In 2002 another communication node was established in Wędrzyn; it took over the military telephone exchange subscribers. At present the total length of the main and distribution cables is about 120 km. Another step increasing the availability of telecommunication services was the introduction of radio access on the basis of the existing PTK Centertel masts. Due to the NMT Technology implemented since 2002, the inhabitants of almost all the villages in the municipality have gained access to the basic telephone services.

There are 9 mobile network antennas in the municipality: 5 in Sulęcin and 4 in the other villages of the Municipality (Drogomin, Trzemeszno, Grochowo).

siec elektryczna

6. Power supply network:
There are approximately 156 km of low voltage lines, approximately 150 km of medium voltage lines and approximately 15 km of high voltage lines in the Municipality. Two lines run across the Municipality: an overhead 110 kV line bilaterally supplying the main switching stations located in Sulęcin, and a 220 kV line in the eastern part of the Municipality, near Zarzyń. The medium voltage network in the municipality has the form of main arteries with branches leading to particular localities.



Dariusz Ejchart burmistrz wita jasne

Welcome to the Sulęcin Municipality website. I wish you pleasant reading and invite you to visit the charming Sulęcin Region.

Mayor of Sulęcin
Dariusz Ejchart

serdecznie witam na stronie internetowej Gminy Sulęcin.

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