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The Sulęcin Municipality

01is the heart of the Lubuski Region with dynamically developing economy and tourism. The area around Sulęcin, famous for its beautiful landscape, is the most diversified territory in this region. 65.2% of the Municipality area is covered by forests, with interesting nature complexes and tourist attractions, such as the Nature and Landscape Complex "Lubniewsko Wilderness", the Łagowsko-Sulęciński Landscape Park and the "Łagowsko-Sulęcińskie Beechwood Forests" reserve, the Postomia River ravines, as well as the ecological woodlands and monuments of nature. The moraine hills in the neighbourhood reaching 227 m above sea level, clean air, small and big game, mushrooms, blueberries growing in pine, beech and mixed forests, picturesque lakes of the Lubuskie Lake District abounding in fish - all make up a beautiful place for tourists called "the Sulęcin Switzerland." This attractiveness allows for the development of tourism. The cycling and hiking routes network in the town and the Municipality is among the most attractive ones in Poland. The international cycling route R1 and the international hiking trail E-11 lead through Sulęcin as well. Due to such excellent tourist infrastructure intended for cyclists Sulęcin is frequently referred to as the "Cycling Capital of the Lubuski Region".

The largest town of the Municipality

The largest town of the Municipality and the seat of the district and municipality authorities is Sulęcin. Since 1 January 1999 it has been the capital of the Sulęcin District comprising the following Municipalities: Sulęcin, Słońsk, Lubniewice, Krzeszyce and Torzym. The district traditions of Sulęcin go back to 1810.

02It was the seat of the district authorities, with a few intervals, until 1975. From the 19th century until World War II the district comprised 81 municipalities and 341 localities. The Sulęcin Municipality borders on eight Municipalities within the Lubuskie Province in which the seats of the Municipality authorities are the following towns: Bledzew, Krzeszyce Lubniewice, Lubrza, Łagów Lubuski, Międzyrzecz, Ośno Lubuskie and Torzym. According to the new administrative division of Poland, the Sulęcin Municipality belongs to the Lubuskie Province (it used to belong to the Gorzowskie Province before).
The town and Municipality of Sulęcin, due to their location, the existing infrastructure and the proximity of the border with Germany, have created good conditions for the development of industry, agriculture, agricultural processing, trade, tourism and recreation. Sulęcin has a well developed transportation network, water supply, sewage disposal and gas supply systems, as well as attractive construction and investment areas. It offers good investment opportunities as well as good conditions for the development of existing businesses. Since 2002 Sulęcin has had access to fast developing gas supply systems. The Municipality has also had many achievements in the field of environmental protection and the development of economic and tourist infrastructure. In Sulęcin and Wędrzyn modern sewage treatment plants have been built, and in Długoszyn - the Municipal Waste Disposal Plant.
In 1993 Sulęcin joined the Association of Polish Towns with its registered office in Poznań. Since 1993 the Sulęcin Municipality has been an active member of the German-Polish PRO EUROPA VIADRINA Euroregion. The Municipality has also been a member of the CZG-12 Special Municipalities Union, and since 2012 together with the Municipalities of Lubniewice, Lubrza and Łagów it has entered the "Lubuskie Pearls" tourist agreement. The town keeps in constant touch with its partner towns: Beeskow, Friedland and Kamen, as well as with the German Oder - Spree District. Apart from the three partner towns in Germany, Sulęcin has also a partner town in Poland. It is Nowy Tomyśl located in Greater Poland.
There are several production plants and service providers, municipality and district administration offices, the Social Insurance Institution, the Farmers' Social Security Fund, the Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture, the District Court of Law, the District Public Prosecutor's Office, the Notary Public's Office, the District Power Supply Company, the District Forest Inspectorate, the Independent Public Health Care Institution, the District Labour Office, the District Police Headquarters, the District Headquarters of the State Fire Service, a Post Office, and many more state and local government institutions in the town.
Sulęcin follows an open economic and promotional policy and guarantees convenient opportunities for commencing business activity. Many entrepreneurs, including foreign ones, have already had a chance to learn about it. The town is open for all kinds of investment initiatives in the Municipality area.




As at 31 March 2012, the town and Municipality of Sulęcin had a population of 16,416 inhabitants, of which 10,344 lived in Sulęcin. The area and borders of the Municipality of Sulęcin were measured in 1975, during the time of the administrative division of Poland. The Municipality comprises the town of Sulęcin, 14 villages and Wędrzyn.

The road system

The Municipality area (319.73 km2, Sulęcin 8.5 km2) stretches irregularly in the east-west direction and is cut across by the Rzepin-Międzyrzecz railway line and a network of local and regional roads, offering convenient transportation services. 

The lie of the land

The lie of the land is typical for the Lubuskie Lake District. The land is undulating, with numerous hills and depressions. The areas around Sulęcin constitute the highest central part of the Lubuskie Lake District macro-region. The heights of the particular parts of the area range from 120 to 227 m above sea level. The highest hills can be found in the southern and eastern part of the Municipality: Trzemeska Góra – 201 m above sea level, Góra Bukowiec – 227 m above sea level.



Dariusz Ejchart burmistrz wita jasne

Welcome to the Sulęcin Municipality website. I wish you pleasant reading and invite you to visit the charming Sulęcin Region.

Mayor of Sulęcin
Dariusz Ejchart

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