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Buszno Lake

j busznoBuszno Lake, just like the entire natural landscape of the Łagowsko - Sulęciński Landscape Park and its neighbourhood, gained their configuration during the last Ice Age, the Poznań Phase, about 18000 years ago. It is an unusually picturesque and valuable lake with respect to its natural qualities. It fills a fragment of a deep tunnel valley, and is surrounded by terminal moraines reaching over 200 m above sea level.

The lake water is among the cleanest in the area and is characterized by relatively low fertility (a mesotrophic lake). According to a fishing classification, it is a vendace type lake.
A narrow belt of common reed overgrows the lake shores. It is also possible to notice darker belts of common club-rush. In secluded bays, oval leaves and beautiful flowers of white and yellow water lilies float on the water surface. The bottom is overgrown by lush underwater meadows, in which the rare chara species can be found. Apart from vendace, the following fish species live here: the roach, rudd, tench, bream, perch, pike and eel. The water birds nesting near the lake include the mallard, great crested grebe, mute swan, and common goldeneye living in hollows of old trees. Otters prey on the lake shores. Hiking and cycling routes have been marked out around the lake.

Morphometric data concerning Buszno Lake:
water level altitude: 131 m above sea level
water table area: 58.7 ha
maximum depth: 36 m
shoreline: 4.4 km


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