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Lubniewsko Lake

Lubn iewsko

Lubniewsko Lake covers 17% of the Lubniewsko Wilderness area and is one of the most attractive water reservoirs in the Lubuskie Lake District. It is located on the border between the municipalities of Sulęcin and Lubniewice. Its uniqueness is proved by the area of more than 240 ha, a diversified shoreline, moraine hills surrounding it, as well as the natural wealth of its waters. The moraine hills with deep valleys are overgrown with beautiful beech forests.


In the deepest place the lake is 15.2 m deep, and at the lake's north-eastern part there is a splendid bathing site. The bottom is largely sandy, often gravelly, and sometimes there are stones and boulder areas.
The northern part of the lake is the most open one and thus it is a good place for sailing and windsurfing. The entire lake is perfect for canoeing. Water motorsports are forbidden in Lubniewsko Lake, and between 1 November and 30 April, and at night, sailing on any kind of water equipment is also forbidden.
Numerous streams flow into Lubniewsko Lake, most of which have their sources in the Lubniewsko Wilderness Nature and Landscape Complex.
Lubniewsko Lake is very attractive for anglers. The following fish species can be found here: the zander, pike, perch, eel, tench, carp, bream, roach and grass carp.

Morphometric data concerning Lubniewsko Lake:
water table area: 240.4 ha
maximum depth: 15.2 m


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